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Cripsy Interview with Beats By Karma (BBK)

The Interview starts after the cut;
Firstly,How did you arive by the name ‘Beats By Karma’?
Well I got the name Karma when I was in secondary school
Then it almost became like my first name so when I started making beats it was only right to say BEATSBYKARMA.
Okay,so tell us more about you..
 My name is Olusegun Damian Alejo born to an extended family of 7,the first tho. Born and raised in Festac town Lagos.I am a Christian (Catholic).My favourite food is Yamarita.
What inspired you to join the music industry.. And why music producing?
Growing up I was exposed to different genres of music..But I felt Hip Hop more so when I just finished secondary I got a laptop from my grandfather,So I installed some music production software and that’s how it started for me.
What inspires your beat?
My mood inspires my beat,Atmosphere also inspires me
Which of your work do you like most?
I would say most recent Bubbly
Are u in a record label?and what is your relationship with Ycee?
Currently I am not signed to any record label.Myself and Ycee are siblings same father same mother.
Whose your favourite artist internationally and locally?……and why them
My favourite artist internationally would be The Game because I grew up to his music I would say he inspired me to want to make music
Then locally I would say Olamide just because its Olamide,,P.S Ycee is beyond my favourite artist.
Whose your role model? The Game?
Yea,my role model will be The Game
Describe the music industry in one word!
If you were not a producer what else will you be doing? And Will you leave music for anything?
Right now I don’t think I can leave music for anything ,And if I wasn’t doing music I’d probably be a graphics designer or architect
Professionally,whats your goal?
My goal is to be successful in my profession and change the music industry as well.
What should we expect from you this year?
Lots of material out this year and hopefully a body of work before the year runs out.
Do you have anything coming up soon?
Can’t say anything on that yet but something might come up in the nearest future .
What do you do during your leisure time?
I do a bit of painting or graffiti.
What can’t you do without?
What superpowers would you like to have?Why?
Speed.So I can do things quicker!
What is your advice to other producers looking at you?
Just keep going and enjoy what you do and what you make.
Thank you so much for your time Mr. Olusegun
You welcome and thanks for having me!!!
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2 Zenith Reasons Why You Should Follow the Celebrities

Everyone in this world takes someone as an inspiration. There’s some influence on the way you speak and act when you carefully observe a star.

If you regularly reader of naija entertainment gist in newspapers and websites, you will see that your behavior changes drastically. You will always have the latest gossip news running in your mind. It will, in turn, subconsciously transform your lifestyle.

You might even act like your favorite star in many aspects of your life. So, is it a good thing to follow the celebrities. Here are few good reasons for why you should know them.

A Good Example and Role Model: Some celebrities do so much of humanitarian work, it can positively change the world. If you are a fan of a famous personality, you will try to emulate him in the way you dress, act and behave.

It will help you to become better in the way you look and act. Seeing their good example can boost your morale, and you will end up doing good to others and the society. There are so many good people in the entertainment industry that are into philanthropy.

It is good to see people like them, and it is not wrong in checking on their news. They can help you understand humanity better, and when you do few decent things like them, you are more human. You will earn respect and trust from your family and friends.

Some stars do not live a decent life, causing many of their followers to do the same. They are rude and engage in fist fights often using profanity in their language. They also use drugs and have bad relationships.

If you overly indulge in fascinating this kind of person, you will end up becoming like them to some degree. It is not at all good as your behavior is not acceptable by both your family and the law in some cases.

It is crucial for you to choose right stars than those who do bad things.

Follow Entertainment to Become Extroverted: Following a celebrity, movie star or sports personality can help you become extroverted. Usually, teenagers love to read about these famous characters to know what they eat and how they dress and behave.

They also learn tips on how they can dance or play a sport well. If they have the ambition to become a good singer, dancer or sportsperson, these tips can be of great help.

It can help them in enhancing their skills or just developing a talent that is hidden.

Many became super talented when they follow famous personalities. When the right opportunity knocked the door, they too became the stars.

It is nice to see stars who finished their college degrees as well as those who have excellent oratory skills. Celebrities who encourage education, as well as cultural awareness, lead the teenagers on the right path.

Reading Naija entertainment gist is helpful only when you have an intention to do good or progress well.
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Predominant Facts You Probably Didn't Know About The Legend, Fela

Fela Anikulapo Kuti (also known simply as Fela ), born on October 15 , 1938 in Abeokuta ( Nigeria ) and died on August 2 , 1997to Lagos ( Nigeria ), is a singer , saxophonist , bandleader and politician Nigerian .

Founder of the Republic of Kalakuta organization in Nigeria, he is considered the inventor of Afrobeat , a fusion of African-American elements of funk , jazz , West African music, traditional Nigerian music and music. Yoruba rhythms .

There are some unrevealed facts about this father of 7...
Below are some shortlisted zenith things you need to know about Fela;

1. Fela’s mother’s name was Funmilayo Ransome Kuti. A political and Women’s Right Activist. She was the first woman to drive a car in Nigeria and the first black woman to visit Communist China.

2. The person that introduced Fela to smoking was a lady, Eunice by name. In 1966.

3. Fela coined the name Afrobeat.

4. Sandra, a lady Fela met in the U.S. in the 60s was the one that AFRICANIZED Fela. Sandra made Fela to begin to value been black, and to begin to inculcate Africa into his music. Fela said his life wouldn’t have been complete without this lady Sandra.

5. The biography of Malcolm X, which Sandra forced Fela to read while still in her house inspired him a great deal. This book coupled with Sandra’s participation in the black movements then against white oppression, brought out the “activist” in Fela. He would later return to Nigeria to become a political/human rights activist.

6. My lady’s frustration: the first African tune Fela made. It was inspired by Sandra.

7. He saw first hand the racial discrimination and injustice perpetrated against blacks in the U.S. when he came back to Nigeria, he thought of a communal place, which will be free of oppression and a safe haven for the oppressed. This gave birth to Kalakuta Republic. Which he declared independent of the Nigerian state.

8. Fela’s family expected him to return from Europe a medical doctor, but he returned a musician. This infuriated the family.

9. Fela was arrested 200 times and appeared in court 356 times in 25years.

10. Fela is a first cousin to the Nigerian writer and Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka.

Fela was Afrocentric, fiercely proud and celebratory of his ancestral heritage.

Fela with his wives

20 years after exit, Fela Kuti legacy still lives on!!

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Proofs that Davido and Wizkid are still enemies!

It has been a while we enjoyed the friendship between Nigerian top super stars Wizkid and Davido!
Yes there was a time however brief that the two young men made us proud not just with their tunes and voices but also with their friendship!
However, things turned sour between them and despite every effort, nothing has remained the same ever since!
Despite not knowing the real cause of the beef between these men, they have refused to mend the broken fence between them and relate like friends, brothers and colleagues.
In the last couple of weeks, several events have shown us that these stars are still at loggerheads and far from being friends!

Davido’s short trial:
With Davido losing a number if friends and facing persecution from the media and the police, his true friends and loyal colleagues reached out to him one way or the other to show their support and belief in him, but not a word from the camp of Wizkid on the matter!
Wizkid’s legendary performance in London: Only few celebrities did not celebrate the iconic performance of Wizkid at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Colleagues in the music and movie industry could not help but give kudos to Starboy for the achievement, no thumbs up from Davido in anyway!
Social media enemies; The gleam of hope we might have dwelled on would have been the fact that the stars follow each other on their social media platforms but even that is a mirage!
Felabration Performance: Now we have a feeling that Davido pulling out of Felabration could have more to do with personal reasons than the death of his friends. Re all that Wizkid was scheduled for the grand finale while Davido was scheduled for days before. Could Davido have felt slighted?
Well, all we want is for these fathers, to grow up, kiss, make up and face the future!
Source: GoldmyneTV
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Afrimma Awards 2017 Full Winners List

The 2017 Africa Muzik Magazine Awards & Music Festival (AFRIMMA) held on Sunday at the House of Blues, Dallas, Texas.
The show was hosted by Basketmouth and Chipukeezy, and was a gathering of the best in African music, from Tiwa Savage to Fally Ipupa.
Performing was Falz, Kaffy, Scientific from Liberia, Tzy Panshak from Cameroon, C4 Pedro, as well as Nsoki, both from Angola.
Davido won the biggest prize of the night, taking home both the Artist of the Year award and the Song of the Year Award for “IF.”
See the full list of AFRIMMA winners below:
Best Male West Africa – Falz (Nigeria)
Best Female West Africa – Tiwa Savage (Nigeria)
Best Male East Africa – Diamond Platnumz (Tanzania)
Best Female East Africa – Victoria Kimani (Kenya)
Best Male Central Africa -C4 Pedro (Angola)
Best Female Central Africa – Nsoki (Angola)
Best Male Southern Africa- Cassper Nyovest (South Africa)
Best Female Southern Africa – Babes Wodumo (South Africa
Crossing Boundaries with Music Award C4 Pedro (Angola)
Best Newcomer -Nsoki (Angola)
Artist of The Year – Davido (Nigeria)
Best DJ Africa – Dj Spinall (Nigeria)
Best African Dj USA – Dj Tunez (Nigeria)
Video of The Year -Fally Ipupa – Eloko Iyo Congo
Music Producer of The Year – Julz (Ghana)
Best African Dancer – Ghetto Triplets Kids – Uganda
Song of The Year – Davido – IF (Nigeria)
Best Lusophone – C4 Pedro (Angola)
Best Francophone – Fally Ipupa (Congo)
Best Sound Engineer -Sheyman (Nigeria)
Best Collaboration -Wizkid ft Chris Brown – African Bad Girl (Nigeria & USA)
Transformational Leadership Award -Engineer Noah Dallaji
Best Rap Act -Sarkodie (Ghana)
Dancehall Act of The Year – Timaya (Nigeria)
Best Video Director – Daps (Nigeria)
Best Male North Africa- Amr Diab (Egypt)
Best African Dj – Dj Spinall (Nigeria)
Best Gospel Artist -Nathaniel Bassey (Nigeria)
Best Female North Africa – Amani Swissi (Tunisia)

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Are you ready??Adewale set to drop appetizer track 'Almost Famous'

Flipstylze front-man Adewale has revealed he is set to drop an appetizer track next week,.
 Speaking to NGWassup,The rapper said the track is nothing but just an appetizer and confirmed that he would be dropping the main track soon which will be produced by the legendary Young John.

The Hustle crooner took to his Instagram page to announce the birth of the song and fans have been dying to hear it!!!
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If Psquare should finally Breakup, Who will Excel more Individually ?

One of Africa’s excellent duo; Psquare just split up amidst a lot of controversies, and even though we will love them to be together, we still have to access the situation to determine if they will do better as Peter and Paul doing their thing individually.Over the years Psquare made major hits and rocked the entertainment scene within and outside the African continent.
The irony of their breakup is the lyrics of one of their song which says “Peter and Paul dem be one no be two” but this split up shows that they are individual humans and you can never predict the future!
News broke out days ago, after Peter who is now Mr. P made a public statement, about him terminating his agreement with Paul and Jude edges. The team had previously split, but after fans cried out, they got back together again. But now it’s obvious that they have split for good after the statement made by Mr. P where he cried out, saying his family has been threatened, and for the sake of peace, he has to back down.
They are not the first team to split in Nigeria, as we reminisce on Plantashion Boyz, KC Presh and co. Plantashion Boyz split up and 2Face Idibia has done well for himself, creating international music and made himself a legend and an Icon. Faze Alone also did well for himself, but 2Baba properly outshined them. Black Face happens to be the black sheep as his music did not only do badly, but he always makes people believe he has hatred for the widely accepted 2Face, by negative comments he makes about him, and that has further tarnished his image.
KC and Presh split up and KC is doing very well while Presh seems to be in a hole somewhere in Madagascar.
Now Psquare has split up, and we can’t help but wonder if they will both excel in the industry, or will one follow the Black Face route?
What are your thoughts ??
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10 Nigerian celebrities who were victims of domestic violence.

Even our Nigerian celebrities go through the emotional and physical strain.

Domestic violence is becoming rampant now and it just goes on to prove that not all that glitters is gold.

Even our Nigerian celebrities go through the emotional and physical strain.
Things aren't as intimate and sweet as they look, beneath all the smiles and glamour, these Nigerian celebrities were once victims of domestic violence before they decided to leave.

1. Freeze


Veteran on-air-personality Freeze (Ifedayo Olarinde) has always had a rocky relationship with his ex-wife Opeyemi Olarinde.
Back in 2015 Freeze went on a spree on Instagram revealing details of his turbulent marriage with his former wife, and mother of his children.
In his revelations, he claimed that he was a victim of domestic abuse, and shared pictures of him with cuts and bruises. According to him, his wife assaulted him during their marriage.

2. Monalisa Chinda

Monalisa Chinda

In 2014 Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda opened up and revealed that she was a victim of domestic abuse in her former marriage. This led to the crash of her first marriage. Monalisa Chinda recently got married to Tonye Victor.

3. Fathia Balogun

Fathia Balogun turns 50

Yoruba actress Fathia Balogun was formerly married to Saidi Balogun. They were a power couple not only in the Yoruba scene but in the movie industry in general. Unfortunately their marriage did not last. It was riddled with stories of domestic violence.

4. Foluke Daramola

Daramola owns a NGO that caters fro rape victims in Africa.

The busty actress who revealed she was raped when she was a teenager was also a victim of domestic abuse in her first marriage to Tunde Shobowale.

5. Muma Gee

After six years of marriage, Muma Gee and Prince Eke have finally called it quits.
The singer said she decided to end her long-suffering and torture, by filing for divorce against Nollywood actor, Prince Eke.
According to her, Prince Eke used to beat her while they were married.

6. Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage

When Tiwa Savage hinted her marriage has its own share of domestic violence, we were shocked. The music diva came out to reveal her marriage wasn't a bed of roses after all.
Barely two years after marriage to Tee Billz, Savage disclosed Tunji Balogun had been hitting her before and after their marriage.

7. Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh's evidence of physical abuse.

Tonto Dikeh also recently revealed she was a victim of domestic violence.
According to her, her husband Oladunni Churchill physically assaulted her on numerous occasions in their marriage.
In an interview with Media Room Hub Tonto Dikeh revealed amidst tears how her husband battered her.
She claimed that Oladunni Churchill brought in pastors after he beat her up but that didn't do too much because he never owned up to his faults.

8. Georgina Onuoha

Georgina Onuoha

Georgina Onuoha has also hinted that she was in an abusive marriage with her ex-husband, DR C Igwegbe.
The veteran actress reposted a woman's confession of being married to a man who molested, beat and humiliated her.
She wrote, "I can imagine her state of mind and what she went through.
I for one would have said this same prayers 6 years ago with so much hate in my heart and can count many others who will equally be saying same prayers. But grace, mercy and forgiveness surpass the pain of wickedness. I succumbed to God's grace and strength.
Most often it's unfathomable what some women put each other through."

9. Chika Ike

Chika Ike

When Chika Ike announced that her divorce was finalised, she received lots of backlash on social media on her failed marriage – from speculation that “she was not a loyal wife” to rumours that “she got married for money”.
According to her, her ex-husband, known as Mr Eberibi physically assaulted her for years.
She went on to reveal that one of the many fights resulted in a miscarriage.

10. Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe-Gentry domestic violence

According to reports, the popular Yoruba actress has been enduring domestic violence for a long time in her marriage but things got worse lately.
The couple were reportedly in a nasty fight that left the actress with severe injuries and a fractured skull.
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The Many things you dont know about Wizkid – His Life Motto, kids & BabyMamas, Luxury Cars, Net Worth (PICS)

Wizkid is believed to be the most popular and richest music star in the country. Starting his career at the age of 11, his net worth is now estimated to be about $11 million. His single “Holla at Your Boy” became an overnight hit and gave Wizkid a huge jumpstart for his future career. How did Wizkid manage to become so successful? Let’s take a look at Wizkid biography and his path to success.
Wizkid biography and net worth

From Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun to the “Starboy”

Wizkid or Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun was born in Surulere (16 July 1990). Surulere is a small residential part of Lagos, Nigeria and is known as a commercial district as well. Wizkid spent his childhood with twelve female siblings. His mother was Christian by faith, but his father practiced Islam. Wizkid and his family did not really spend a lot of time together. In recent interviews, Wizkid claimed that his father had three wives and it made for a not-so-cosy family scenario.
Young Wizkid
Since his early days, Wizkid has been addicted to music. The first collaborative album he released was with a group called the Glorious Five which was made up of him and his church friends. In 2009, Banky W’s record label Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E) signed a record deal with him. Shortly after that, his first single “Holla at Your Boy” from his first studio album Superstar (2011) was released.
After the song was greatly welcomed by music lovers, Wizkid recorded some more hits, such as: “Love My Baby”, “Don’t Dull”, “Oluwa Lo Ni”, “Pakurumo”. All these singles were recorded as a part of the Superstar album.
In 2013, Wizkid established his own recording studio “Starboy”. His second studio album – Ayo, was released shortly after that in September 2014. The self-titled album included such hits as: “On Top Your Matter”,”Joy”, “Bombay” “Jaiye Jaiye”, “One Question”.
Wizkid biography
Wizkid released a promotional single “Like This” on the 5th June 2016. Produced by Ghanaian producer DJ Henry X, the song was seen as a mix of Wizkid’s style and Drakes’ tempo. Soon after the release of his second studio album, Wizkid left E.M.E. But Wizkid did not plan to leave the limelight. On 1st March 2017, the Nigerian singer signed a multi-album deal with RCA Records.

Drake and Wizkid’s “One Dance”

Drake and Wizkid rock the stage
Drake and Wizkid rock the stage with “One Dance”
2016 was a year of international recognition for Wizkid. His collaboration with Drake on the global hit, “One Dance” brought Wizkid to the top charts of 15 countries. It included the music charts of the United States, United Kingdom, and even Australia.
Wizkid still remains Nigeria’s first artist to appear on Billboard’s Twitter Last 24 hours chart. Wizkid and Drake’s afrobeat-mixed “One Dance” single, reached number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song was so popular that it stayed at the top spot for 10 weeks.
Despite the successful collaboration with Drake, Wizkid did not let up in his own music. He recorded some solo hits. Also, he worked together with several famous artists on hits, such as “The Matter” (with Maleek Berry), “Bad Girl” (with Jesse Jagz), “Girl” (with Bracket), “Fine Lady” (with Lynxxx), “Pull Over” (with KCee), “Slow Down” (with R2Bees).
Wizkid and son

Wizkid’s kids and baby mamas

Back in 2011, a lot of rumours about Wizkid’s fatherhood swept the media. It was disclosed that the singer was a father at the age of 21. Some news sources claimed that the mother of Wizkid’s kid was then-undergraduate student Sola Ogudugu.
In addition, both Sola and Wizkid’s families acknowledged the relationship between their children. When the story came up, neither Wizkid or anyone close to him confirmed that they had children together. Soon after that, Wizkid mentioned in several interviews that he did not have any children. He kept on denying that fact up until October 2013. This was when the singer uploaded a picture of him and his 2-year-old son to his Instagram account.
Sola Ogudugu and their son with Wizkid
Wizkid’s baby mama Sola Ogudugu and their son Boluwatife Balogun
wizkid eldest son
Boluwatife Balogun
Boluwatife Balogun, Wizkid’s son, seemed to be about 2-years-old at the time. The photo confirmed the fact that Wizkid fathered a child back in 2011.
Then rumours came out the second time around, of another child with another baby mama. Again, the singer tried to deny but he soon admitted it. Now it is not a secret that the Starboy has two sons from two different beauties. The second gorgeous lady that birthed Wizkid’s second son is Binta Diamond.

Binta Diamond
Pregnant Binta Diamond
wizkids second babymama
Wizkid’s second baby mama and their son
A fan Tweeted Wizkid that he has good taste because his baby mamas are real beauties. Look at how the singer replied.
Wizkid about his baby mamas

Wizkid’s life motto – wealth

As of 2017, Wizkid’s net worth is around $11 million. The singer enjoys his luxurious life and spends money on cars or investment in real estate. Cars are Wizkid’s passion. His cars are known for its posh look and expensive price.
wizkids car
Wizkid’s cars are to impress everyone
Some of Wizkid’s favourite cars are:
● Hyundai Sonata (N6.5 million)
● Black Honda Accord I-VTEC (N8 million)
● Mercedes Benz 2012 Compressor (N10 million)
● BMW X6 (almost N12 million)
● Porsche Panamera (over N15 million) – This car was crashed in an accident.
● Porsche Cayenne (N18 million)
● Bentley (N45.5 million)
As a result of Wizkid net worth, Forbes ranked him as the 5th out of Top 10 Richest/Bankable African Artists in 2013. In February 2014, Wizkid had more than 1 million followers on Twitter. He also enjoys huge popularity on Instagram.
Wizkid is the most rapidly developing Nigerian musician, who has managed to reach the top of the UK and the USA charts. His net worth is more than $11 million and his cars shine brighter than the sun. So if you have a dream, do not hesitate to give it a try.
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5 Lessons Upcoming Artistes Can Learn From Wizkid (A Must Read)

The race to make it big in the entertainment is indeed an uphill task. Everyone wants to be a one-hit wonder and blow immediately just like Humble smith.
Several challenges abound for upcoming artistes especially for those without a record label. Dropping singles every month, collaborating with other artistes on joint tracks, performing for a meager pay at shows/concerts, appealing to streets and radio DJs to play your song, settling the bloggers who will publicize your brand, it’s really a long way to stardom.
Wizkid was in those shoes too even though he started early as Lil Prinz at the age of 11, he was in the category of ‘legendary hustlers’ as he was a studio rat together with Siri (remember him in Ojuelegba?) in the famous MoDogg studio.
However, Wizkid’s ascension from an upcoming artiste to arguably Africa’s best exploit to the world is extraordinary yet surprising.
Wizkid has broken and set new records in the industry. He’s the perfect example to follow. Virtually everyone wants to be like the Starboy. However, before you begin your journey, these are lessons to learn from the Baba Nla.
1. Work Hard
Wizkid’s first album is a must have for every upcoming artiste. No wonder it ranks high among the best albums in Nigeria. The album is detailed with the struggles Wizkid faced while he was an upcoming artiste, how people scorned him then but wanted to associate when he had made it.
Especially in Oluwa Loni and Wad Up, he revealed how he used to wear one shirt, one jean, hustling on the streets, hoping to meet a benefactor one day. He did free shows, went to studios before OJB took interest in him and he eventually laid the chorus on M.I’s track, “fast money, fast cars”.
As an upcoming artiste, never rest on your oars, greatness is not achieved in a day.
2. Networking
Relationships with people don’t happen immediately. You have to meet with people who are friends with them just to be close with them. Wizkid would definitely have networked his way to meeting OJB Jezreel.
OJB was one of the major producers back then due to his relationship with 2face and the whole of Kennis Music. Even now, Wizkid is still networking.
Skepta referred Wizkid to Drake, his relationship with TY Dollarsign granted him a feature with Future and they’re already on tour.
Upcoming artistes should learn to network with influential people in the entertainment industry. The industry is a wide place, there are a lot of people to network with. Make friends with the big players in the industry.
3. Leave Your Comfort Zone
The man would leave his family and cling unto his wife and they shall become one. Who remembers this saying? Well, one of the reasons why Wizkid is at the top of the game right now is because he decided it was time to establish his own franchise.
It was time to leave the local terrain. Wizkid might have never had that kind of international exposure if he was still under EME. Could have remained local like Davido. His decision to stand alone gave him the opportunity to surf the globe, trying to gain some international connect.
That’s why Kiss Daniel and Reekado Banks are finding it hard under their labels because they can’t make their decisions alone, kind of like been controlled.
4. Evolve Constantly
Wizkid never started out as an afro-beat artiste, he was actually doing some lovey-dovey songs and RnB. This was evident in his superstar album. Only few had a little afro-beat sounds. But after a period of self-discovery, he tapped into the world of afro-beat with Jaiye Jaiye and since assumed the post of the “New King Of Afro-Beat”.
Upcoming artistes should never fail to explore, don’t just streamline your music to only one genre, evolve, tweak your sound and let your fans feel your versatility.
5. Develop A Wonderful Relationship With The Fans
One thing that stood Wizkid out when he was an upcoming artiste was that he had a wonderful relationship with the fans. That has been helping him in his career. Maybe that’s why he’s the most followed Nigerian on Twitter.
He interacts well with them, preaches goodwill messages, makes them laughs(who remembers when he cooked watery indomie and posted it on Snapchat?), drops hints of songs to be released and he’s also generous.
So, upcoming artistes, it’s left to you. To make it in the entertainment industry is an uphill task. You have to be unique and extraordinary. You have to please the fans as they’re your customers, they’re the ones who will buy your songs and promote it as well.
Your music has to appeal to them. You need God as well as a good record label and management. Or else you can blow and eventually unblow like Ice Prince.
Apart from these reasons, What else do you think Upcoming Artistes Can Learn from Wizkid?
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Singer Tiwa Savage Makes BBC’s “100 Inspirational Women” List For 2017

The BBC has revealed its list of 100 inspirational and innovative women for 2017, and amongst the amazing women featured, Nigeria’s very own Tiwa Savage and Anne-Marie Imafidon make the list!
The annual series – which shines a light on issues affecting women all over the world – is this year encouraging women to make a change.
Also featuring on the list are 7 other Africans – Adelle Onyango (Kenya) Anita Nderu (Kenya) Chaima Lahsini (Morroco), Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Liberia), Marieme Jamme (Senegal), Naomi Mwaura (Kenya) and Talent Jumo (Zimbabwe)
Speaking on the list BBC says:
This year, the women on the list will be part of the 100 Women Challenge, tackling some of the biggest problems facing women around the world.
Coming together in four teams, the women will share their experiences and create innovative ways to tackle:
The glass ceiling – #Teamlead
Female illiteracy – #Teamread
Street harassment – #Teamgo
Sexism in sport – #Teamplay
The list at the moment only has 60 names on it but as time progresses more women who have taken up the challenge in some way will be added to the list.
What do you think about this in relation to Tiwa’s musical career ?
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Meet king Mola,CEO House Of Music Empire!


House Of Music Empire Record Label Owner, Godwin Ademola Adebayo, was born in Osun State, has lived in Ilorin and currently resides in Lagos. Best known as King Mola, he has released a lovely music titled, Marihanna ft Skiibii, (Pro by Don Adah).

The House Of Music Empire Limited was registered in December 2012 by RLO when he was working with his crew (Home Boiz). In King Mola's words, “Boiz” are now Men and living their dream... We are musicians and we are family!.  King Mola made new decision as usual and planted H.O.M.E. MEDIA VENTURES LIMITED which is a large media platform that was registered in 2014 and set to form a media tree to Storm the music and movie industries with innovative collaborations with associates in London, South Africa, Dubai and Ghana.

King Mola stopped recording his own music in 2013 while busy working on the company's projects.  He left the music industry totally after an inferno engulfed that totally destroyed his tasteful furnished, state of the art media complex in September, 2015.  After this fatal incident King Mola suspended his music business and he actively engaged in his other business enterprises. A great deal of time has been invested as a volunteer for the charitable organization, •GCGF•  Godwin Caregiving Global Foundation, Registered in Nigeria and the U.S., where he also pilots the affairs of its board of Trustees.

On December 17th of 2016 King Mola resurfaced to the music scene with a touching loving audio titled, “Mabaelo” featuring Freqencie & Juntao. (Pro by Drumdealer) immediately after returning from Dubai on a modeling photo shoot in collaborating with Dubai base model, Julia White. @ Emodels Agency Studio UAE.

KING MOLA's GOALS ARE: To compete, lead and win in the already flooded music and movie industries. He believes he can be one of the leading musician, actor, model and director in the industries.
King has always been a sports enthusiast and participated in many of them while still pursuing his dreams daily.

We should be expecting exciting things from King Mola very soon:
 • Music Videos
 • EP
 • Magazine
 • Movies

Facebook Page: @iamkingmola
Instagram: @iamkingmola
Twitter: @iamkingmola

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2017 Top 15 Ugliest Musicians In Nigeria – Male & Female (N0. 14 Is A Hit Maker)

We have beautiful and handsome musicians in our Music Industry!!

We are going to check on the top 15 most ugly musicians in Nigeria here on ngWASSUP But before starting, we’ll like you to know the saying that says ‘money transforms you’. Oh yes, that’s actually true, lol… If you check the throwback picture of 2face Idibia below, you will agree with us.

Image result for 2face throwback
A throwback picture of both 2face and Blackface 
 Calm down…. We know what’s on your mind. When we also first stumbled on the picture we were like ‘really?! Is that our 2face?’. You can compare him with the picture below:
2face Idibia
Can you see the transformation? That’s what money can do. But 2face Idibia is a cute man (money or not) he only looked very rough & unkempt in his throwback picture with BlackFace above so he’s definitely not in the list. Many celebs go through thorough makeup before any outing thereby hiding their ugliness partially or totally like Tiwa Savage, some go through expensive facials and skin treatment, while some also go through plastic surgeries.
Today, we’ll be looking at the 15 ugliest musicians in Nigeria. We’ve carefully arraigned them accordingly from the beautiful to the ugliest most ugly musicians in Nigeria (if that’s correct lol). Let’s go through them below:

15. Phyno


The ‘connect’ crooner, Phyno is the 15th on the list which makes him the most beautiful in Spree’s ugliest musicians in Nigeria 😀
You can check out more pictures of our bros below:

14. Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy 1

Don Jazzy comes 14th on the list. Even though he’s not too fine, we still respect him more than most musicians in the industry. See some pictures of the Mavin boss below:
Don Jazzy 2

13. Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage 1 

Don't judge a book by its cover.AuntyTiwa is very good at hiding her real face with makeups. The Mavin first lady comes 13th on our list. You should check out some of her pictures below:

A comparison of Tiwa Savage with and without makeup
Tiwa Savage Before Fame
Tiwa Savage before fame.
There are more female musicians. Just keep reading.


12. CDQ

Popular street star CDQ of General Records is Spree’s 12th ugliest musician in Nigeria. See more photos of the 31 years old:

11. Jesse Jagz

Jesse Jagz 1
Sometimes though, Jesse Jagz looks cute (having a fine face which is also very rough at the same time) but the fact still remains that the Chocolate City artiste and the brother to M.I Abaga is ugly. He is 11th on the list as ‘muscle’ will not let us ‘dash’ him fine boy. Check him out below:

10. Solidstar

Solidstar 1
The Achievas Entertainment signed act, Solidstar who has a son with his UK-base lover is our 10th most ugly Nigerian musician on the list.

9. Terry G

Terry G 1
Terry G the ‘akpako master’ as he calls himself who is widely known for his very crazy style of singing comes 9th on our list. Check out his picture below and also keep reading for more faces of ugly musicians in Nigeria.

8. BrymO

BrymO makes the list. The former Chocolate City signed act is the 8th ugliest musician on our list. Check him out:
Brymo 1Brymo 2

7. Duncan Mighty

Duncan Mighty 1
Port Harcourt first son, Duncan Mighty who is also the CEO of Young Wealth Recordsis the 7th ugliest on the list and married to his sweetheart, Vivien. More pictures below:

6. Asa

And the 6th ugliest goes to Asa. Looking at her so well, you wouldn’t argue. See more pictures after the cut:
Asa 1

5. Eedris Abdulkareem

Eedris Abdulkareem 1
Eedris Abdulkareem, one of the veterans that made Nigeria’s hip hop something to cherish at its early hip hop stage is on the list. He owns the record label, La Kreem Music and comes 5th ugliest on Spree’s Ugliest Musicians In Nigeria. More photos below. 

4. Weird MC

Weird MC 1
The masculine-like female rapper makes the list. Shola Idowu who is also known as Weird MC and very respected in the industry comes 4th. Like it or not, she’s ugly. Next please…
Weird MC 2Weird MC 3

3. Faze

Faze 1
And the 3rd ugliest on the list will go to former Plantashun Boyz group mate, Faze. This puts him in the Top 3. Getting interesting right? Let’s see who makes the 2nd and 1st position…
Faze 2

2. Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti 1
Seun Kuti son of the Afrobeat music genre, human rights activist, and political maverick, Fela Ransome Kuti comes second on the list. Seun Kuti makes the Top 3 ugliest musicians in Nigeria here on Spree Nigeria. Let’s get ready for the Number 1…
Seun Kuti 2
Seun Kuti 3

1. May D

May D 1
If there is to be an award given to the most ugly musician in Nigeria, Confam Entertainment boss, May D is the undisputed owner of this title/award. No offenses but he should be winning it every year. Check on Mr May D’s pictures after the cut:
May D 1May D 2May D 3May D 4May D 5
Congratulations to the handsome and beautiful musicians we have in Nigeria. Thanks for reading this write-up. Have an opinion? Let’s hear you.
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