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8 Signs Your Lover Is With You Only Because Of Sex And Money

Relationships can be complicated with people you love for numerous reasons.

From not being sure about their feelings for you to them loving and wanting you for financial and pleasure purposes only, one can never be too sure of why the person you love is in a relationship with you.

A lot of people date strictly for what they can obtain from their partners of which sex and money ranks on top of the list. Some people date for the social favours they can obtain from their partners while others do it strictly for their egos.

However the most common reasons why people who go into relationships for the purpose of using their partners do so are for sex and money.

Here are Eight ways you can know if partner is there to drill a hole in your pocket and also for the pleasure.

They Always Have A Pity Story Money Can Solve
They will always bring up stories about how they are short on cash because they had to borrow their cousin money for school fees.

They will then tell you that they need money from you for sundry expenses such as light bills, replacement of a faulty appliance and other expenditures they can wrap their heads around.

They could turn this into a pattern where they will bring up serious and heartbreaking stories that will give you no option than to give in to their demands.

If you however ask them how their cousin is or whatever they used the money for, they can’t seem to remember what you’re talking about. They’d likely bring up a story to change the thread of discussion to something else.

They Prefer To Hangout At Home Or In A Hotel
If you find yourself inviting your boyfriend or girlfriend out to a restaurant or the cinemas and you get a negative answer, they may be a user.

Someone that wants you for sex or money only will go out with you once or twice and that’s it. At the end of the dates, they will likely want you to follow them back to a hotel or room so as to get to third base.

They Scarcely Keep In Contact
Most people that use their partners for the benefit of sex usually act spontaneously. There can be a week where they would be all over you and the following week, you wouldn’t even get a call from them.

The moment they however feel you’re slipping away from them, they immediately make an effort to get you back.

You Don’t Get To Know Their Friends
If you do get to meet the friends of someone that’s out to use you, it’s usually awkward.

They may find it difficult to recall your name or other details about you and even if they do, you don’t get to spend more than 10 minutes with their friends.

More so, their friends may not even try to communicate or form a connection with you which may be an indication that your partner has told them that they do not expect you to be around for long.

They Only Want To Hang out At Odd Hours
Someone that’s keen on using you just for sex would likely want to see you only during strange hours. It could be that they get free at odd hours only, but that shouldn’t mean they should want to be with you only at odd hours.

And by odd hours we mean a time when you can’t eat out at a restaurant, watch a movie at the cinemas or hangout with their friends.

Except they’re only willing to talk, cuddling and binding will only lead to you getting down to have sex.

If you have an idea that they are active and awake during the daytime, but they never seem to have the time for you except for a quickie, things are as alarming as they get.

Dismissal Right After Sex
This perhaps is one of the most telling signs that your partner wants you just for sex if they seek to dismiss you immediately after a hot lovemaking session.

They never want you to stay around for cuddling or meals as they practically want you out of the way right after sex.

People like this use lines like “I have an early meeting tomorrow. Let’s see as soon as possible, okay?” Irrespective of the excuse they give, someone that’s out to use you for sex will have you leave whenever they want you to.

They Initially Pay For Dates
This technique is one that people out to use you for money employ. They can pay for your first hangout together but subsequently guilt-trip you into paying for all other dates in the future.

The initial show of generosity is to have you do the same for them in the future. The problem with this however is that the moment they do not pay for your hangouts together again, they never do again.

The ironic part of it is that your hangouts after this become increasingly expensive than the ones they paid for at first.
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14 Things Ladies Say When They Are Caught Cheating..

1. “Baby I’m sorry”
It’s true that most women hate to be at the receiving end when it comes to accepting faults. Once a lady is caught cheating she will be the first to tender her apology. Even when they know the apology at that moment is irrelevant. (Would she be if she wasn’t caught? No bro.)

2. “It wasn’t me, I swear.”
After an attempt to apologise, some women when caught cheating will out-rightly deny their actions, even when you have photo proof. Even if you walked in on them in the act, they could even say you were hallucinating. Some of them are related to one minister like that wey him name start with “L

3. “It is the work of the devil”
It is always the devil, the poor dude has really suffered. Their godmother Eve don set the pace so na follow them dey follow so.

4. “I don’t know what came over me.”
Very common! They try to hide under the pretence of “I don’t know what came over me”. The question is, were they possessed or hypnotised?

5. “He is my uncle.”
Zaga that! Say hello to her long lost relative after that mehn. Note, you’re prolly her cousin (or “balogun the electrician”) to one of her suitors, too, you know. #WehDonMa

6. “He is just a friend.”
Lol, una wan be enemies before?! Hehehe as if we were born and brought up with “BOO” written on my foreheads na. We were never “friends” before or na BoyEnemy I be, not boyfriend. OloriBOOruku somebody.

7. “It is not what it looks like.”
Sure, na chinese film and I came in without buying movie ticket. Lol this is the silliest of them all mehn. It even sounds stupid when I hear it in movies.

8. “I don’t even know him.”
Oooshey! Mama the mama!

9. “It was an accident.”
Along Lagos-Ibadan expressway perhaps. How many casualties were involved dear? Hope no lives were lost?

10. “He forced me.”
Yes. A man who can force a lady from her papa house reach him house through electronic wave, force am into him room, force her leg open and then force himself in deserves a place Guinness Book of Record.

11. “It is your fault; you were not there for me.”
Really? But the other guy was always there for you; before, during and after the relationship? You no even complain? E sa nu mi ooo… Just say you want to kponse and stop littering our ears with lie jare.

12. “I still love you, he is nobody to me.”
Tales by moonlight.

13. “Don’t you trust me?”
I trust you, I swear down, I trust you die.

14. “Please give me another chance”
Like I should give you another bullet to shoot at me again after missing the first time? Do we look like masochists?

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"If You Don’t Have Secx For More Than 66 Times A Year, You Can Die" – Counselor Lutterodt

Controversial Ghanaian Counselor Lutterodt, has dropped yet another hot relationship advice, and this time he’s talking how much sex we should get in a year.

Counselor Lutterodt who is currently promoting his annual orgasm conference, in one of the posters used for the promotion revealed that as human beings, there is the need to engage in 5ex for sixty-six times and more.

According to him, anything short of that could lead to the death of people.

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Crazy?!? Nigerians Make Use Of Over 400 Million Condoms Yearly

Nigerians consume over 400 million condoms annually, the Society of Family Health (SFH), a Non-Governmental Organisation, has said on Tuesday, October 31, 2017.

The Managing Director of SFH, Bright Ekweremadu, who said this in Lagos yesterday, however, added that the 400 million condom consumption rate could fall below expectation based on the society’s estimation of unprotected sex in the country.

He spoke during the launch of Flex condom, a brand that, he said, came with a lot of flavours and had more strength and could last longer during sex.

His words: “We have been in the business of condom production for over 30 years. We have done a lot of things in educating people to embrace abstinence with our zip-up campaign. There are obviously sexually active Nigerians who may not totally abstain from sex and this led to our alternative, particularly at this time when HIV/AIDs is prevalent in the country.

”What we are doing now is expanding choices for the sexually active Nigerians who are using condoms. So we have varieties of condoms with different features to make sex worth it, for those who will use the condom. We are not promoting sex. What we are promoting is responsible sex. If you know you cannot abstain, the best thing is to use condom; it’s safe for you and your partner.”
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Everything You Should Know When You Suspect She is Faking An Orgasm

There is a high chance that you would have known a lot about the female anatomy by now, but not so much can be said about the science behind the female orgasm. While some men have pretty much found it easy to get their women to orgasm, for others, their partners are probably faking it.

A lot of women fake getting to their sexual peak as a recent study found that seven in 10 women have faked an orgasm at some point in their relationship. There’s however no reason to be worried as a guy as it’s not entirely your fault if you can’t get her there.

If you’re keen on knowing whether your partner is faking an orgasm or not, here are a number of facts that will help you sleep better at night.

She’s Cheating
Another study suggests that women who fake orgasms are more likely to cheat on their partners. The researchers concluded that this goes both ways and is not restricted to gender, and that men and women who faked sexual satisfaction were far more unfaithful.

She Has Mixed Feelings
One study found that 48 percent of women report feeling neutral and unfazed after faking an orgasm with their partners. What is even more surprising is that 25 percent of women are happy and thankful of the fact that they can successfully pull off a fake orgasm.
While some feel guilty about the fact that they have to fake it, only about eight percent feel “annoyed” that they had to fake it in the first place.

Faking It Can Help Them Get There
A survey conducted on 366 women between the ages of 18 to 32 who openly admitted to faking orgasms found that pretending to orgasm can actually boost women’s sexual satisfaction.
When asked why they faked it, they basically said they faked it till they could get there.

Moaning Loudly Is To Help You
When she’s moaning and groaning, her intention I to help you. One study suggested that when a woman feels you’re close to climax, she naturally becomes more vocal as a way of helping you have an intense orgasm. While it may be fake, it still remains kind of real.

Women Feel Euphoric Whether They Faked It Or Not
A team of British researchers polled 70 women between the ages of 18 and 48, and found that 80 percent of them did fake orgasms during vaginal intercourse at least half of the time. The research also found that 25 percent of women moan 90 percent of the time regardless of whether or not they climax, which may mean that some.of it was real.

She’s Very Committed
Yet another study found that women who tend to fake orgasms are anxious about being intimate. A lot of such women Feel that if they are to achieve an orgasm, it should be with someone they can share intimacy with. As such, if she’s not having one with you, she may be trying to keep her distance.

She Maybe Trying To Keep You Committed
A study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior which surveyed 453 heterosexual women in long-term relationships found that faking an orgasm is actually an evolutionary adaptation.
According to evolutionary theory, a woman’s orgasm causes her body to retain sperm for child-bearing and she may just be subconsciously trying to convince you that her body is capable of bearing your children.

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Be A Gentleman! Here Are 9 Crucial Rules For Men While Getting A Good Head… Rule No. 8. Don’t fart!!!

There have never been written rules but some men have refused to step up their game in the ‘head’ getting game. We now have to make these public rules, and even make them laws, lol.

While receiving a head, you’re supposed to calm down, and not draw much attention to yourself, this disclaimer is for people receiving a head in public or anywhere that isn’t private. Be cool! It’s that simple, in general, there are really no set rules per say of what to do or not to do. They’re like moral rules, things you should live by.

'Blowjob' is an enjoyable act if you encounter someone who is very good with it. It’s a sweet experience that requires expertise from both the giver and the receiver, while it might look like the receiver doesn’t have much to do, they also have a part to play so as not to make it awkward as f*ck. Zeynep Yenisey, Maxim compiles a list to make sure we don’t all make these mistakes. Stop doing these!

1. Don’t push her head further down

It may look like a good idea, nudging her in the direction of where you may derive more pleasure but it’s a common rule for blowjobs, don’t push her head down your tool. It’s a treasonable offence. Like I said earlier, be a gentleman, and wait for her to get there. Don’t force feed her your junk. Get a grip!

2. Don’t look at her

You might just be admiring the attention to details, she is giving to what is going on down there but its rude to stare at her while she is doing that, unless it’s something she’s into. People are into a lot of weird things these days, who knows, it can be erotic for her that whoever she’s blowing stare at her. Even with life in general, it’s rude to stare. With this situation, avoid staring!

3. Don’t pat her on the back

I don’t even know how this would occur to you to do but in case you do it or consider doing it. Stop that thought immediately. She isn’t a dog, you cannot be rubbing the back of a lady that has your d!ck in her mouth. She isn’t your dog.

4. Don’t thrust into her mouth

You need to resist that urge that keeps creeping up in your mind to thrust into her mouth like it’s her sexual organ. The pleasure you’re deriving can be insane and then your waist develop a mind of their own and keep jerking back and forth. Be control your hips and manage to keep it staying still. It’s a blowjob not mouth cex.

5. Don’t be too silent

I know these look like a lot of rules but there is a good reason for it. Here is another cardinal point, you cannot be too silent else it’ll be weird. You might want to throw in a couple of encouraging sounds, so it isn’t like she blowing a dead man. Your sound will nudge her in the direction of how you’re enjoying what she is doing or not. Don’t stay silent like a dead horse.

6. Let her know when you’re cumming

Not every lady wants to swallow your juice. Be a decent human being, and let her know when your orgasm is close. You might be enjoying it and all but you have to give the lady heads up if you’re about to cum. Some ladies are swallowers, and others aren’t. It’s a messy affair, be nice to let her know.

7. Clean up down there

Personal cleanliness is important if you want your tool sucked often, do yourself that much good by taking care of yourself. Wash it and shaved off the hair to keep off the stink that might put off your lady.

8. Don’t fart

You shouldn’t do it, it doesn’t matter if your fart stinks or not. Just don’t do it. Be a decent human being for the love of God. You cannot fart into someone’s face who has your junk in their mouth. She might decide to find a way to punish you for that.

9. One good turn deserves another

Now, she has satisfied you, how about repaying her back in the same coin. It’d be nice, isn’t it? It’s the decent thing to do.
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You Complain Alot? This Is For You Guys, Check Out These 3 Foods Killing Your Erection

Have you ever found it hard to get into the mood with your partner, or maybe you cannot get yourself up again after just the first round? It could be what you just ate, All these embarrassing displays can ruin ones cex life which have a direct influence on how healthy and happy any relationship can be.

A lagging secx drive and poor erection could be the result of what you’ve been eating. Of course, it’s not always about food.

Poor erection can be attributed to a number of factors, including sociological, psychological, and hormonal influences. Often, antidepressant medications are the culprit. Other times, stress or drug and alcohol abuse can play a role.

Smoking, along with all of its other terrible health effects, can diminish sexual desire and satisfaction, especially in men.

“Smoking has a direct, negative effect on the sexuality of a man on every level,” says Panayiotis M. Zavos, PhD, Altering bad habits, like smoking and excessive drinking, in order to encourage better overall health, will no doubt be beneficial to your sexual health as well.

Now lets talk about the kinds of food that may be affecting your performance on bed.
Generally any food type that makes us gain weight can affect one’s libido as well but below are some foods that could be ruining your pleasures.

1. Fried Foods

Fried foods definitely don’t do your cex life any favors.

Trans fats found in fried foods dramatically decrease the male and female libido, according to Medical Daily.

Consuming trans fatty acids can also cause abnormal sperm production in men and interferes with female gestation.

You and your significant other would be wise to skip the french fries at dinner, since they could be at fault for more than one sexual problem.

2. Processed Carbohydrate

Any refined carbohydrates, like those found in bleached white flour and white rice, are bad news for your cex drive.

This includes many pastas, cereals [rice and wheat], breads, and snack foods like crackers, cookies, and chips.

Men’s Fitness explained that large amounts of refined carbs will cause your testosterone levels to decrease.

The sugars from these carbohydrates can make men gain weight and raise estrogen levels as testosterone is depleted.

Reach for good carbs like vegetables and whole grains instead.

3. Sugary foods/Drinks

You must have heard the popular saying that “Sugar is your enemy?”

Or you must have ever had that embarrassing experience where your d!ck just refuses to charge when you need it most, this is what we call

“Sugar Crash” Sugar from soda drinks, sweet, ice-cream, so called energy drinks etc can crash your libido and erection in a twinkle of an eye causing you embarrassing moments with your partner.

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Unvieled: Interesting… See Mind Blowing Effect Of Early Morning Cex & Making Love 4 Times In One Week

A Professor of medical science at the University of Ilorin, Musa Yakubu has given zenith reasons why having cex early in the morning is essential to human health.

The professor said such activity lowers blood pressure and reduces risks of heart attack.

The Prof. Yakubu who teaches in the Department of Biochemistry made the assertion in a paper entitled, “Knocking Down the Barriers to Four O’Clock Activities and Reproductive Inadequacies”, presented at the 163rd Inaugural lecture of the university, recently.

 He also advised that having sexual intercourse, three to four times a week was good for love life.
According to him, “Research has shown that cex boosts immune system by stimulating the body’s first line of defence and production of immunoglobulin A (IgA), against cold and fever.

”Antibodies are proteins made by the immune system to fight bacteria, viruses, and toxins. Prof. Yakubu said that cex also regulates menstruation in women by influencing the levels of lutenising hormones that controls menstrual period and promote better sleep.”

 According to him, the act of sexual intercourse also release the feel-good chemical, known as oxytocin, which enhances closeness with one’s partner and makes people feel happier for a longer period of time.
“Lovemaking of about 20 minutes reduces 150 calories.”

The professor of Biochemistry postulated that cex is the most powerful creative force given to human by God for pleasure and deep companionship.

He, however, noted that any marriage in which the man or woman could not enjoy sexual intercourse or satisfy their partner in bed was a dead marriage. He also said that lack of sexual satisfaction had led to the collapse of many marriages in Nigeria, and urged couples to seek for solutions to the problem.

 “cexual and reproductive dysfunctions are common among men and women in Nigeria, which necessitates regular screening and check-ups,” he said.
He also said that traditional medicines have been authenticated to cure sexual dysfunctions.
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Brethrens, Listen Up: These Are 7 Places She Wants You To Kiss Besides Her Lips

There are more places your lady wants you to kiss other than just her lips when you’re making out. These are some of those places.

Women like kissing because it is an emotionally intimate act. However, beyond the lips, a woman still desires that you explore other erogenous areas in her body during the secx act!

According to psychologist and author of s*x books, Dr. Jill Weber, the following are the areas to explore in your woman’s body…

1. • Nape of the neck. Start kissing at her neck, as there’s a certain vulnerability that drives her wild, says Jennifer Landa, author of The S*x Drive Solution for Women.

2. • Small of the back. This is where all the nerves for the genitals originate, so stimulation of the lower back with massage and kissing and nibbling is a great way to stimulate the area,” says Dr. Landa. It’s also why she loves it when you place your hand on the small of her back when you’re out together — it’s an intimate, sexy gesture that makes a woman feel hot without it seeming out of the ordinary, she says.

3. • Forehead. What woman doesn’t want to get a loving kiss from a man who loves her brain? “It’s a huge self-confidence builder, a soother, and a make-her-legs-weak, strong-man move,” says Walsh. It might not be the thing to do in the bedroom—you’ll want to focus on other areas at that point—but she’ll appreciate when you pull her close and plant one on her head after a long day at work.

4. • Fingers. Fingertips have a huge concentration of nerve endings, making them sensitive to anything from little pecks to a long suck. “When you suck and lick her fingers, she gets an idea of your oral skills and pictures what it might be like when you lick and suck her more intimate areas,” says Dr. Landa.

5. • Neepples. Sucking on her nipples releases the hormone oxytocin, called ‘the love hormone,’ because it makes people feel more bonded, says Landa. “The nipples seem to have a hotline to the genitals, and for some women, nipple stimulation will send an impulse right to her clitoris.” Don’t forget you can score points by showing some love to the rest of her bre@st, too.

6. • Ears. Her ears may be quite sensitive to light licking and sucking because of all the supersensitive nerve endings there. “Most women are quite sensitive to auditory stimulation,” says Landa. “So, while you suck her ear, be sure to use the opportunity to whisper something about how attracted you are to her and what you’d like to do to her after you finish nibbling her lobes.”

7. • The clitt. Once you land here, you’ve reached the point of no return. There are over 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris alone, compared to a man’s mere 4,000 in the pen!s,” says Dr. Christine Milrod.

Via The Punch

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The Meanings Of The Different Types Of Sounds Women Make During Secx

Making women satisfied in bed is not an easy feat and they know this which is why a number of them make different types of noise during secx to make men feel good. Finding the G-spot is about as difficult as getting an answer from your girl when you ask her where she wants to go for dinner.

When it comes to getting down and dirty with your partner, it is important that you’re able to decode the many sounds she’s making, even though it is almost an impossible task. Some of the questions you have probably asked yourself include Is she faking it? Is she enjoying it? Is she bored and hoping you’re almost finished?

Before you go ahead for your next sexual romp, here are he meanings behind the noise and common vocal expressions they make.

Heavy Breathing
Heavy breathing is a classic noise that women make in bed. The fact is some women are not given to wasting energy making actual sounds because she’s so into whatever you’re doing. If you hear her breathing heavy and rushed, chances are you’re doing things right.

Complete And Total Silence
The only time she can be in complete and total silence is when she’s holding her breath because she’s close to orgasm. If she doesn’t make any form of sound or noise all through, chances are you need to step up your game or that maybe the last time you’d be with her.

A Weird Noise
When she mistakenly let’s out a weird noise, there’s a likelihood that she will immediately regrets making such sounds. She is so into the lovemaking that she has no control over her body anymore, that the weird noise slipped out. Chances are this will happen more often than you think, and you should get used to it and be nice to her. Know that cex can be awkward sometimes and make her feel comfortable.

Loud Shrieking Noise
Women that make sounds like this are most likely watching too much pornography and this makes them think you enjoy her making such sounds. The truth is she’s most likely faking it and things are not as intense as you think.

Low Sounding Moans
Some women are not used to being vocal during secx and if they happen to be the shy type, chances are the moan will even be lower. While there’s a chance you think she’s forcing out the sounds to make you feel good, things are most likely not what you think as she’s offering you the highest noise compliment she can.

Screaming Out Her Lungs
If she’s screaming, she may be into you a lot or she may just be in pain with the activity. It is important for you to be able to tell the difference. If you’re unable to tell if she’s enjoying I or if she’s in pain, ask her if she likes it or not.

Laughing At Awkward Occurrences
If something awkward happens while the both of you are engaged in lovemaking such as your partner mistakenly hitting your head, knocking something over or breaking the bed and she laughs about it, it’s probably because she is comfortable with you and she’s enjoying herself.

If she’s however giggling all through your lovemaking session, there maybe something underlying that you have to ask.
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Hey Guys!!! Here Are 9 Common Things That Can Break Your Conndom During Cex

C0ndoms are said to give 100% protections but sometimes, they fail to give that protection they are worn for and it is mostly the fault of the user as a result of improper use of the c0ndom so c0ndoms are 98% effective if used well and 0% effective if used wrongly.

It is always terrifying to find out that a c0ndom used during your s3xual escapade broke and your s3xual safety has been compromised, with possible pregnancy or s3xually transmitted diseases (STDs).

“Have you ever had a c0ndom break on you?it’s terrifying but the good news is that it is avoidable in the future, as long as you learned why it happened”.

C0ndom bursting, tearing, breaking, ripping can happen because of a number of things and listed below are some of those things.

Expired/wrongly stored: “An expired c0ndom or one that was stored in extreme temperatures, left in wallets and places where pressure is applied to it, It weakens and might tear”.

Air bubble in the c0ndom: “If you allow air bubble to remain when wearing the c0ndom, you might have a pressure point that will lead to a tear when thrusting”

Too tight: “If the c0ndom is too tight, it could tear during s3x”

Not lubricated: “The c0ndom’s material became dry and hot because not enough additional lubricant was added”.

Oil-based lube: “If you use improvised oil-based lubricants like Vaseline or other petroleum jelly, you could weaken the c0ndom which might lead to a leak/tear”.

Wrongly opened: “If you opened c0ndom with your teeth, scissors, or a knife you can compromise the integrity and rip it and when you attempt s3x, it is likely to tear further”.

Hairy vag!nal/p3nis area: “During s3x involving hairy pubic region, there is the possibility that hair strands are pushed in and the continuous friction can tear the c0ndom”.

Newly shaved vag!na: “Hair on a newly shaved vag!na is prickly and sharp, it can tear the c0ndom at the slightest contact”

Lack of space at the tip of a c0ndom: “When wearing a c0ndom, you need to leave a little space at the tip, If this is not done, it could tear, especially during ejaculation”.

So guys, make sure you check out all the above listed things when next you want to use a c0ndom so you can get maximum protection because there is no point using a c0ndom in the first place if it breaks at last.

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