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Cripsy Interview with Beats By Karma (BBK)

The Interview starts after the cut;
Firstly,How did you arive by the name ‘Beats By Karma’?
Well I got the name Karma when I was in secondary school
Then it almost became like my first name so when I started making beats it was only right to say BEATSBYKARMA.
Okay,so tell us more about you..
 My name is Olusegun Damian Alejo born to an extended family of 7,the first tho. Born and raised in Festac town Lagos.I am a Christian (Catholic).My favourite food is Yamarita.
What inspired you to join the music industry.. And why music producing?
Growing up I was exposed to different genres of music..But I felt Hip Hop more so when I just finished secondary I got a laptop from my grandfather,So I installed some music production software and that’s how it started for me.
What inspires your beat?
My mood inspires my beat,Atmosphere also inspires me
Which of your work do you like most?
I would say most recent Bubbly
Are u in a record label?and what is your relationship with Ycee?
Currently I am not signed to any record label.Myself and Ycee are siblings same father same mother.
Whose your favourite artist internationally and locally?……and why them
My favourite artist internationally would be The Game because I grew up to his music I would say he inspired me to want to make music
Then locally I would say Olamide just because its Olamide,,P.S Ycee is beyond my favourite artist.
Whose your role model? The Game?
Yea,my role model will be The Game
Describe the music industry in one word!
If you were not a producer what else will you be doing? And Will you leave music for anything?
Right now I don’t think I can leave music for anything ,And if I wasn’t doing music I’d probably be a graphics designer or architect
Professionally,whats your goal?
My goal is to be successful in my profession and change the music industry as well.
What should we expect from you this year?
Lots of material out this year and hopefully a body of work before the year runs out.
Do you have anything coming up soon?
Can’t say anything on that yet but something might come up in the nearest future .
What do you do during your leisure time?
I do a bit of painting or graffiti.
What can’t you do without?
What superpowers would you like to have?Why?
Speed.So I can do things quicker!
What is your advice to other producers looking at you?
Just keep going and enjoy what you do and what you make.
Thank you so much for your time Mr. Olusegun
You welcome and thanks for having me!!!

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